Nikita Drakokhrust

Senior Consultant

Nikita provides strategic counsel to clients on a variety of issues including stakeholder and government relations, detailed research, strategic communication, and issues management. Prior to joining Loyalist, Nikita served as the Director of Election Readiness at the Ontario PC Party where he oversaw the 2020 by-elections in the Ottawa region and was recruited to assist the Conservative Party of Canada in the 43rd general election.


Nikita was a core member of Doug Ford’s leadership team and election campaign in 2018. Following the provincial election, Nikita served as the Policy Advisor to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade where he worked on the Making Ontario Open for Business Act. Subsequently, he became the Issues Manager to the Minister of Transportation, during which he provided detailed research in preparation for the government’s announcement of the plans for the Ontario Line.


Nikita graduated from Ryerson University with an Honours B.A. in Politics and Governance. During his time at Ryerson University, Nikita earned a Minor in Economics and has studied in multiple cities globally including Singapore and Washington DC.

Jared Burke


Jared helps clients navigate policy challenges and government engagement. He analyzes current affairs and policy developments at the provincial and federal levels to provide clients with strategic insights.


Jared’s career began in university politics with the Ryerson Campus Conservatives, where he served in various leadership roles.


Prior to joining Loyalist, Jared worked at the Ontario Legislature for a Member of Provincial Parliament, providing the member with strategic communications and issues management support.


Jared also participated in the competitive Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario’s summer internship program, where he was selected from a large pool of applicants and participants to conduct policy research at the Progressive Conservative Caucus Services office.


Jared studied Politics and Governance at Ryerson University.

Phone: +1-416-579-8252 | Email: | LinkedIn: Jared Burke | Twitter: @jaredburke