Boutique government relations and strategic communication.

Smart. Experienced. Effective.


  Strategic Communication

In a world where information and news move at the speed of light through a multitude of online social and traditional media platforms, reputation management is foundational to an organization’s success. That is why it is critical to have a long-term and thoughtful strategy and plan to build and maintain a positive brand. Loyalist works with clients to create and implement strategies to do so – from developing a company’s core narrative to preparing its spokespeople for interacting with the media.

  Government Relations

Loyalist helps clients navigate the complex world of government to not only solve problems, but to find opportunities. Our experienced consultants have served in high-level positions in governments across Canada and understand how to align the interest of our clients with the priorities of governments. Our approach is one that is focused and solutions-oriented.

  Issue Management

A single crisis can undermine an organization’s reputation that may have taken many years and an enormous effort to build. Though crises can cause organizational indecision, it is critical to respond to issues directly, with speed, and with a well-thought-out plan. We work with clients to move quickly and decisively to mitigate damage and restore public trust.



Chris Froggatt

Founding Partner

Prior to founding Loyalist Public Affairs, Chris served as the Managing Partner for the Ottawa office of National Public Relations for eight years...


Dan Mader

Founding Partner

Prior to founding Loyalist, Dan served as a Senior Vice President at National Public Relations...


Jill Wilson

Vice President

Jill represents clients across a wide range of sectors, from critical infrastructure such as nuclear energy, land development, and transportation to high-profile issues like cannabis, alcohol, and gaming...


Ryan Guptill

Vice President
Strategic Communication

Ryan has spent his career managing complex public policy issues. He has worked with a broad spectrum of clients, covering the corporate, public and not-for-profit sectors...


Nicholas Pozhke

Vice President

Nicholas helps clients achieve their goals with integrity and confidence. He has national industry advocacy experience, having represented the defence and security sector to both governments and the private sector...


Kristina Martin

Senior Director

Kristina is a seasoned strategic communications and government relations expert with over a decade of experience working in politics, government relations and the non-profit sector.


Zahra Sultani


Zahra brings ten years of experience in political and community activism with every level of government, as well as engaging and mobilizing a broad cross-section of stakeholders...


Nikita Drakokhrust

Senior Consultant

Nikita provides strategic counsel to clients on a variety of issues including stakeholder and government relations, detailed research, strategic communication, and issues management...


Jared Burke

Senior Consultant

Jared helps clients navigate policy challenges and government engagement. He analyzes current affairs and policy developments at the provincial and federal levels to provide clients with strategic insights...

smart. effective. experienced.

Loyalist Public Affairs is a boutique government relations and strategic communication firm located in Ottawa and Toronto. It was founded by Chris Froggatt and Dan Mader, two of Canada’s most highly sought-after public affairs professionals. Having worked in partnership since 2006, first within the federal government and later in business, Chris and Dan bring decades of experience helping clients understand and influence public policy decision-making in Canada.


Since its inception in 2018, and under the leadership of Chris, Dan and Vice President Jill Wilson, Loyalist has continued to expand its team of consultants to better serve clients as it provides leading counsel and support on a variety of complex public policy issues. Members of the Loyalist team bring to each client mandate not only unique individual experience, but a collective approach that places hard work and value as its core principles.


Team members have extensive knowledge and expertise in a range of areas including technology, energy, environment, labour, gaming, health care, small business, and land development. Loyalist has also expanded its practice areas into the province of Alberta.